What is self-confidence and why is it worth developing

why self-confidence is something worth developing in your daily routine and life.

Self-confidence focuses on the acceptance of yourself and others.

It is based on our ability to know our “self” well by realistically acknowledging our strengths and limitations (which is part of being human) and at the same time accepting ourselves as worthy and worthwhile without conditions or reservations.

I know what a tremendous difference connecting people to their passion and purpose makes to the quality of life because I did this in my own life. I transformed who I was and the way I lived.

There is only one thing you need to do if you want to raise your low self-confidence and that is to take action. 

You must have a willingness to learn and an attitude of being “sick and tired” of your current lifestyle because that is what will motivate you.

A desire for more. Learning techniques to raise your confidence is easy but it takes time and practice to keep your confidence at the forefront and to develop healthy self-esteem.

When you are experiencing healthy confidence it can be described as a star at night shining in the dark. The darker it is the brighter the star shines.

It is your inner light that burns brightly and freely no matter what is happening around you and no matter how “dark” life may get.

All About Confidence

When we were born a lack of confidence was never a problem.

Babies don’t think about whether they should cry or not let us know they need feeding because we may think they are being a nuisance.

No, they just go ahead and cry, and if we don’t come to their aid fast enough they cry harder and louder for long periods until we do.

But along the way we are taught how not to be a nuisance, how not to cry because “people” don’t like it, how to speak when we are spoken to, how we should look, dress, act according to what “they” say.

While most of what we are taught can help us not all of it will empower us to shine our brightest and be our best. 

We are made to feel guilty, called names, beaten when we do something wrong, are laughed at or shouted at when we “fail.” All this adds up to create an adult who believes they are not 100% whole and complete exactly as they are.

I found it easier to believe that I had “missing pieces” or “broken parts”, that there were people who were better than I was, women who were prettier. 

I believed this for a large part of my life.  Shifting my belief system to believe that I am whole and complete exactly as I am was what made the biggest difference.

All I had to do was make the decision to take action. I decided it was time to re-connect but the funny thing was I never was quite sure what I wanted to re-connect to!

I just knew that something was missing and I had to find it. And after years of searching, after years of reading, attending seminars, having mentors, I finally found what I was looking for.

I found myself. And from that moment I never looked back.

In my opinion, healthy confidence is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself.

What is self-confidence
  • Being able to believe in your ability to succeed whether others do or not.
  • Being able to be totally self-expressed and devoid of how people think you “should” talk or “should” dress, or the acts you “should” take. Or even the way you “should” think, feel and behave.
  • Being able to be you, in whatever way being you feels like in that moment, will be a true gift that you will be eternally grateful for.  

Doing this for myself has provided me with the strength to endure the challenges I have experienced so far in life. 

I made the decision to raise my self-confidence and now there’s no stopping me. It is your birthright to love and honour yourself but only you can make the decision to do that, and the good news is that you can reclaim that which is yours at any time.

There is absolutely no reason at all why you should suffer from a lack of self-confidence because it is something over which you have absolute and immediate control.

Think of confidence as a muscle; it never stays the same for any period of time and the more you use it the stronger it becomes. 

Like any muscle, confidence either weakens or gets stronger so please treat your self-confidence as a muscle to exercise and provide it with small daily improvements.

You would never leave the gym after an hour and expect to be completely healthy, so don’t expect it from your inner self.

Consistent self-improvement over a long period is the best way to lasting success and an increase in the quality of your life every day you live it.

Your confidence plays a part in contributing to your vitality, energy level, persistence, and personal magnetism because it is all about what is on the inside, a belief in yourself and your abilities that remains constant despite the storm.

Building confidence will lead to developing your self-worth which will improve your self-esteem. 

When you start to become responsible for who you are, what you have and what you do.

It’s like a flame that starts slowly before building and gradually spreading into a huge powerful fire, which helps us to take control of our mission, values, passion and purpose.  Now doesn’t that sound like something worth working towards?

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