The Management And Leadership

Management And Leadership

Decision making is a critical component of organizational management and leadership.

How companies can decide on and manage scenarios, traditions and frameworks determine how far they can reach the key growth, diversity and long-term durability objectives.

The case scenario of SEBEL is a faultless case that emphasizes the critical and inevitable impact on unfounded policy models of poor decision-making.

The fact that Siebel has had to adjust and implement a sound strategy for change shows the events leading up to Siebel’s poor decision-making process.

way of management & Leadership

Management And Leadership

In the course of an organization, there are several factors necessary to implement the change process.

Organizational change, due in particular to the widespread phenomenon of globalization, and significant progress in technological development has been an area of great interest in contemporary organizational studies.

Change factor for entities which understand the needs to keep pace with evolving business environments is an indispensable component of organizational leadership.

Organizations must align with other micro and macro organizational objectives to improve their efficiency, growth, and sustainability.

Different professionals, researchers, and scholars tried to unravel the concept of change have made various contributions.

Maybe the concept is one of its lucid outlines (Schalk et al; 1998).

The scientist argues that organizational change might be defined as an empirical process involving the multi-dimensional transformation of an organization in its size, form and status.

This process is updated after new ways of “thinking, working and operating” are implemented (Shafiroff, M. et al 1990, p. 24).

Organizational change has particularly been an indispensable aspect in contemporary business realms.

The change factor is an essential component of the management and leadership of the organization that drives organizations to keep pace with the evolving business environment.

Siebel is not an exception because it is clear that the company has not prioritized strategies for adaptability and promotes the achievement of the growth, competitiveness, and sustainability of the company.

Business companies must align with other micro- and macro-organization objectives, regardless of their size and operating capacity, with the enhancement of their efficiencies, growth and sustainability.

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