Five little known facts about back pain

facts about back pain

facts about back pain: Back pain is generating from muscles, nerves, bones, joints or other parts of the spine. It can be acute or chronic. Neck, middle back pain, lower back pain or tailbone pain, are the classification of back pain.

Reasons are muscle strains,  muscle spasm, muscle imbalances, degenerative disc disease, spondylolisthesis, Scoliosis,  spinal disc herniation, osteoarthritis, infection in pelvis, tumour, pregnancy etc. it can be some days to week even some months old.

As a study conducted in the U.S. said that most people within 45 lost their liveliness due to back pain. Visit doctor or hospitalization is the most 5th common case for U.S. citizen. It comes to the surgery in the most common third reason.

Every person in his lifespan felt it. Mostly adults and old become its target. It can be reduced according to requirements by medicine, exercise or surgery.

Today are going to discuss 5 known facts about back pain. They are describing below.

Facts About Back Pain

facts about backpain

Idiom says Old is Gold. But when comes to back pain grew older is inviting back pain. As the age grew the intervertebral discs, which act as a cushion between joints start decaying and the joints rub with each other and we feel the pain. Most people feel this between their 30-40 years. Thus, the pain increases with age.

We all know that with back pain it becomes difficult to stand or sit for a long time. Everyone wants to lie in bed and take rest. But anyone who stays too long in bed can also increase pain. Exercise is the best remedy for back pain. The simplest exercise is walking. Minimum 10 min on a treadmill can really be effective in back pain.

Being over weight can also be a problem in back pain. It will increase the pain as per a multiplication factor. When adding another pound 5 lives in the abdominal region should be supported. So its clear extra weight doesn’t well for the back. The same thing happens in pregnancy period. The extra weight of the fetus increases the chance of having back pain and if already has that then it becomes severe.

During the age, back pain may also appear in the pelvis or spine area, such as cervical cancer, in people with arthritis or cancer. A simple muscle pull or torn ligament also is the reason for backache.

We all know that smoking is injuries to health. Everyone knows that it leads to cancer but it also can be a reason for your painful back. Yes, Smoker’s spine didn’t get the proper nutrition so the decaying of disk starts at a very low age. A study shows that smokers heal more slowly and their back pain persists for a long time.

These are some known facts of back pain. If we maintain some precaution said above we can fight with back pain. 

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