Five Dangerous Vacation Spots In the Whole World

vacation spots

When we think of dangerous vacation spots, locations plagued by crime, war, and poverty often come to mind.

There are many different vacation spots where travelers need to be careful about these very reasons; however, we often take our safety for granted when traveling to more peaceful, serene locations. Letting our guard down in some locations can result in sickness, injury, or even death.

So, what are some of the most dangerous places to visit where crime isn’t your biggest worry? Let’s take a look:

New Zealand For vacation spots

More than one-third of this country is considered to be nature conservation land. This makes it a prime destination for eco-tourists and thrill seekers alike. Hikers, mountain climbers, surfers, and other extreme sport enthusiasts contribute to a high number of tourist deaths each year.

Taipei for vacation spots

Along with brilliant architecture, Taiwan boasts the largest collection of Chinese artifacts in the world. However, this island is also prone to flooding, earthquakes, landslides, windstorms, and deadly typhoons.

Australia for vacation spots

Like its neighbor, New Zealand, Australia is flush with natural beauty that brings people from all over the world. However, it is also home to deadly snakes, spiders, and sea creatures that have a habit of ruining many a vacation.


Brazil’s big cities may suffer from problems related to crime. But travelling to see the natural beauty of the Amazon may not be much safer. Although it boasts exotic creatures, plants, and people, the Amazon basin is also home to deadly diseases like malaria.

New Smyrna Beach

If you are looking for a quiet little beach town to relax in, Florida’s east coast is hard to beat for its year-round warmth, miles of beachfront locations, and tons of charm. Of course,  you may have to deal with some of the locals. No, not angry land dwellers—we are talking about sharks.

In New Smyrna alone, there were 13 unprovoked shark attacks in 2010. Yes, that is quite a lot.

Traveling to exotic locations can be fun, but there is a risk involved in everything. Be smart, take precautions, and make sure to protect your health and well-being when on vacation.

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